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  Pres. Trump Update on China Trade Talks  CSPAN  December 3, 2019 3:39pm-3:41pm EST

3:39 pm
president trump: it's a tough statement, when you make a statement like that, that's a very, very nasty statement to essentially 28, including them, 28 countries. i think that we have a high unemployment rate in france. france is not doing well economically at all. they're starting to tax other people's products so therefore we're going to tax them. that's taking place right now, in technology, wines, everything else. it's a very tough statement to make when you have such difficulty in france. you look at what's happened with the yellow vests or you look at what's going on during certain parts of their season. they've had a rough year. you can't go around making statements like that about nato. it's very disrespectful. reporter: why is china such an important subject for the nato ummit?
3:40 pm
president trump: china has done it largely with united states money because our past presidents allowed them to steal the cookie cutter and that's ok, don't begrudge china. very disappointed in our past presidents and leadership. they allowed this to happen. there's no way it should have happened. i'm doing very well in a deal with china, if i want to make it. if i want to make it. it's not if they want to make it, it's if i want to make it. we'll see what happens. but i'm doing very well if i want to make a deal. i don't know that i want to make it. you'll find out prettyity soon. e'll surprise everybody. >> i have to say when you look at what nato is and should be, first of all